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Health Risk, Drug Interactions,  Genetic  Epidemiology, Clinical Trials,  Outbreak Detection, Bio-Defense, and Medical Surveillance.

Retail Analytics

Sales and Demand Prediction, Store Location, Price Elasticity, Wallet Share, Consumer Response & Behavior, Ad Placement, Infrastructure Management

Financial Analysis

Price Performance Prediction, Asset Allocation, Portfolio Optimization, Risk Evaluation, Fraud Detection, Collection Support, "Black Box" Trading

Network Operations & Help Desk

Anomaly Detection, Capacity Planning, SLA Optimization, Customer Service and Staffing Optimization, Root Cause Analysis, Call Center

J&A Data Mining & Predictive Analytics


J&A provides high capacity statistical analysis and predictive analytics products and associated services to the Federal and Commercial Sectors.  Our Patented DaMi2TM AI Analysis Engine is the highest capacity analytical engine on the market today.



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