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Jacobson and Associates, L.L.C. (J&A)

Established in 2003, J&A is a Data Mining Software and Consulting Company that applies advanced Artificial  Intelligence (AI) technologies to rapidly detect and identify critical information within our customers’ data. Our offering focuses on effective delivery of practical analytical research based on data. Given any database (we are database agnostic), we automatically discover, analyses, and prioritize the most significant trends, relationships, and associations. The use of our multiply-patented DaMi2TM AI software allows us to produce these results with unmatched speed and precision, but at significantly less cost than our competitors who use more conventional analytical techniques. We then apply this information into decision support, alerting, visualization (graphics and gages), and reporting applications, that may be used by managers, members, and technicians alike.  We readily integrate with most of the major reporting systems you may already be using.  This provides for enhanced performance without negating existing legacy investments or retraining.  We also provide custom development and implementation of decision support, business intelligence, data warehousing, device monitoring, reporting and web portal applications.


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World-wide Development Partner since 2007

DavenportArk Financial Services, LLC offers DaMi2-powered investment consulting services to brokerages, fund managers, and select accredited investors.


DaMiNOMICS provides specialized DaMi2-powered retail location optimization, demand prediction, sales projection, and consumer behavior analytics to retail and commercial real estate interests.


CIO SP3, a new Government-Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) from NITAAC that can be used by any federal civilian or DoD agency to fulfill a broad range of mission critical IT requirements.


ENCORE II, The ENCORE II contracts are Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (ID/IQ) multiple award contracts that can accommodate Time-and-Materials (T&M), Firm Fixed Price (FFP) and Cost-Reimbursement (CR) type task orders.



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