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Jan 2003 Jacobson & Associates, L.L.C. (J&A) opens for business.  The company sought no external funding and has accepted none since inception.


Apr 2005 J&A's Proprietary Genetic Algorithm Architecture application accepted by U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.  The first DaMi2 "box" was hand built and hand coded by his inventor.  Three Patents and a decade later, DaMi0013 has been promoted to management.


Aug 2005 DaMi2 begins active trading of U.S. Equities.


Jun 2007 J&A became World-wide Software Development Supplier to IBM.


June 2008 Food & Drug Administration (FDA) awards Computational Science IDIQ to team including J&A


Nov 2008 J&A awarded Development Contract for Defense Commissary Agency  World-wide Lane Monitoring and Help Desk Ticket Analysis Portal.


Jun 2009 J&A's first Patent for its Two-Phase Completion Genetic Algorithm Approved by USP&TO


Feb 2011 DaMi2 begins active monitoring and support of USPS kiosks


Jan 2012 DaMi2 begins providing analytical services to major value retailer


















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